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Ryan is the leading voice on working and leading across generations; and attracting, engaging, and retaining Millennials and Gen Z.

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Ryan’s Most Popular Generational Programs (In Person & Virtual)

Note: Combine any of the below programs or work with Ryan to create a custom program.

Lead & Work Across Generations: Strategies to Connect and Engage a Multi-Generational Workforce

A multi-generational workforce can create stifling challenges or bottomline-boosting advantages. Ryan brings market-leading insight to help your organization and leaders close the generational gap and improve communication, teamwork, innovation, and more.

Attract, Lead, & Retain Millennials and/or Generation Z: Strategies to Enhance Performance and Engagement

Today Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce and Gen Z are the fastest-growing generation in the workforce. While Millennials and Gen Z bring valuable skills, insights, and ambition to the workplace, they are often a source of tension among experienced workers and managers. Gain proven tactics to ease that tension and improve team dynamics.

Generational Diversity: Improve Performance and Collaboration Through Cross-Generational Inclusive Leadership

Today’s leading organizations and forward-thinking leaders understand that diversity and inclusion is much more than a buzzword, it’s a business strategy capable of driving performance, enhancing innovation, and engaging and retaining employees. Like-minded teams maintain; diverse teams innovate. Ryan shares how to unlock the power of cognitive diversity through a multigenerational workforce. This program provides a blueprint for how to be an inclusive leader and how to create an inclusive company culture across generations.

Marketing & Selling to Millennials & Gen Z: Earn the Attention, Trust, and Business of Next-Generation Buyers

Millennials and Gen Z buy differently than previous generations. Mobile technology, ubiquitous connectivity, and the social web have forever changed the buying expectations of the emerging generations. Marketing and sales techniques of the past won’t work with Millennials and Gen Z.

Audiences Are Raving

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Christine Lovely
Christine LovelyChief HR Officer at UC Davis
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Highly recommend it was engaging and timely. Ryan involved the audience and kept our attention throughout the entire presentation.
Chris Turner
Chris TurnerManaging Director at SouthStar Energy Services
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Ryan’s presentation exceeded all of our expectations and was very helpful. Everyone was thoroughly engaged from start to finish.
Lauren Williams
Lauren WilliamsPrincipal at Johnson Lambert LLP
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Ryan took the time to understand the audience & tailor his presentation to our group of insurance CFO’s. He was the highest rated speaker at the event - very knowledgeable, charismatic & energetic.

What You Get When You Book Ryan

Want to Go Beyond Speaking?

Generational Consulting

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Curious which generational dynamics are disrupting your workplace the most?
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Is it time to rethink how to on-board emerging employees?
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Want industry specific strategies for how to recruit Millennial and Gen Z talent?
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Ready to build generationally focused ERG’s and want some guidance?
Ryan and his team of generational consultants have worked alongside companies like Home Depot, Delta, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Southern Company, and Salesforce to help set team members up for the future of work.

Generational Learning Initiative

Generations Universty (GenU)

Ryan’s GenU is a comprehensive DEI program focused on bringing generations together. This program includes live workshops, self-directed digital courses, and team projects that all help increase inclusion.

See how Southern Company deployed this program across their workforce.

Generations are BIG clues into how you must communicate, lead, and work in the future.​