Unlock the Strengths of Each Generation

  • Keynote speaker, Ryan Jenkins CSP, delivers experiences that wow and provide know-how.
  • Ryan is the leading voice on working and leading across generations (including Gen Z), the future of work, and lessening loneliness and boosting belonging at work.

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Exceeding Your Audiences’ Expectations

Can a speaker really create lasting change for an audience?

  • Yes, especially when the content is clear, strategies are research-based, and delivered in an engaging and fun way.
  • Since 2011, Ryan has inspired and equipped audiences with the necessary insights and tools to succeed in the new era of work.
  • Imagine partnering with a proven thought leader to develop custom solutions to your audience’s most pressing challenges.

Kim Lawson
Southern Company Gas

"Ryan’s presentation was informative, relevant, and packed with actionable strategies. Highly recommend!"


Kay Schmidt
Catalent Pharma Solutions

"Ryan’s energy, organization, passion, and knowledge is incredible. Rock star!"

Miron Washington
The Home Depot

"Blown away by Ryan’s training! It was pragmatic, meaningful, relevant, and impactful!"

Chris Turner
SouthStar Energy Services

"Ryan’s presentation exceeded all of our expectations and was very helpful. Everyone was thoroughly engaged from start to finish."

What You Get When You Book Ryan


  • Initial Consultation(s)

    Pre-event call to understand the organization’s needs and goals

  • Unlimited Polls

    Create custom polls for your audience. All data provided post-event.

  • Publication Permission

    Republish Ryan’s articles, podcasts, and videos for event promotion


  • Event Keynote

    Custom and dynamically delivered presentation

  • Audience Engagement

    Live mobile polling, competitions, and Q&A

  • Actionable Strategies

    Audience gains 3-8 strategies they can put to use right away


  • Audience Access

    Ryan available in-person or via email following the presentation

  • Learning Resources

    Exclusive page with resources, tools, and more.

  • Presentation Slides

    Custom slides made available to each attendee

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