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Ryan’s keynote presentations and training programs (lead and work across generations, attract and retain Gen Z and Millennials, future of work, etc.) can all be delivered virtually.

Here’s an example of Ryan’s virtual presentations.

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  • Customized Presentation: 30-90min with optional Q&A
  • Pre-Event Prep Call: Better understand the audience needs and/or event goal
  • Audience Engagement: Live mobile polling available for every attendee (yes, even though they are remote!)
  • Distribution Rights: Permission to record presentation and share
  • Digital Copies of Ryan’s Custom Presentation Slides
  • Audience Action Plan: Audience leaves sessions with 3-5 specific actionable strategies
  • Publication Permission: Republish Ryan’s Inc Magazine articles, videos, and/or podcasts for event promotion
  • Technology Hosting (optional): Don’t have the means to host a virtual event, you can leverage Ryan’s Enterprise-level Zoom subscription to host the event. Zoom is a premier global video conferencing service.


  1. FUTURE: 8 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact the Future Workforce 
    • COVID-19 has reoriented our relationships with work, technology, and each other. For organizations and leaders to succeed in the new world of work, a new approach to work is needed.
      • Insights into trends shaping the future of work
      • Perspectives of how employee behaviors and expectations are evolving (especially Generation Z)
      • Strategies to remain relevant and increase influence in post-COVID marketplace
      • Confidence to work, lead, and compete in the future

  2. INNOVATION: 6 Essential Steps to Innovate and Create Lasting Change
    • Now more than ever, a “this is always how we’ve don’t it” mindset is a slippery slope to irrelevance. Neglecting to innovate makes any organization or leader vulnerable to being displaced in today’s disruption-prone marketplace.
      • Insights into the growing importance of innovation
      • Strategies to remain relevant in today’s high-flux marketplace
      • 6-Step innovation framework and the 6 must-ask questions of innovation
      • Ability to mitigate risk and innovate successfully and sustainably

  3. WELL BEING: Lessen Loneliness and Boost Belonging Across Generations at Work
    • 61% of American adults report they are lonely and among Generation Z workers aged 18-22, 73% report sometimes or always feeling alone. Today’s workers are lonelier than ever before resulting in a disengaged, disloyal, and disenchanted workforce.
      • Insights into today’s modern causes of loneliness
      • Understanding of the role inclusion plays in solving loneliness
      • Techniques to decrease loneliness and increase belonging, engagement, and performance at work
      • Ability to create deep connections and unify a multi-generational team

  4. CHANGE: 5 Phases for Leading and Thriving Thru Change
    • Cyclical change will forever be the narrative of the marketplace, however, the pace of change is accelerating. Therefore a new understanding of and approach to change is needed. More opportunities, stability, and creativity is available to those who learn to embrace, lead, and thrive thru change.
      • Insights into the accelerators of change
      • Frameworks for understanding and positioning for what’s next in the new world of work
      • Techniques for challenging prevailing models that limit innovation
      • Ability to confidently lead and thrive through change

  5. LEADERSHIP: The Complete Toolkit for Leading Remote Workers
    • Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology, shifting generational expectations and life events like the COVID-19 pandemic have all swiftly contributed to the growing number of people working from home. Leading a remote workforce requires a different set of tools to sustain relationships and maintain productivity across a team. Learn the tactics and tools for leaders to boost engagement, create unity and extend company culture among a remote workforce.
      • Insights into best practices of remote working
      • Strategies to extend company culture to remote workers
      • Tactics and tools for effectively leading a remote workforce
      • Ability to keep remote workers unified, productive and engaged

  6. COLLABORATION: How to Efficiently (and Digitally) Collaborate in Crisis
    • Teaming and collaborating are mission-critical for any organization. However, on remote teams and/or in times of crisis, collaboration can quickly fall apart. Leveraging the right tools and techniques can create greater cohesion among the most remote and crisis-ridden teams.
      • Insights into varying collaboration preferences
      • Strategies (and tools) to efficiently connect and communicate digitally
      • Techniques to deliver effective feedback
      • Ability to efficiently and digitally collaborate in times of crisis

    • 7.1 – Keys for Connecting and Selling in a Digital World
      • As the world is thrust into remote working, the ability to digitally communicate and influence becomes paramount. Mobile technology, ubiquitous connectivity, and the emerging generations have been ushering in a new age of work but COVID-19 has accelerated the disruption and need to adapt. 
        • Insights into trends shaping the future of work
        • Perspectives of the digital buyer behaviors and expectations
        • Actionable strategies (and tools to use) to connect and sell digitally
        • Ability to drive leads, sales, and customer success

    • 7.2 Strategies for Productively Working from Home
      • Mobile technology, ubiquitous connectivity, and now COVID-19 have enabled the transition from workplaces to workspaces. The workspace outside of the office can be productive with the right mindset, tools, and boundaries.
        • Insights into mastering the art of remote working
        • Actionable strategies and tools to make the most of remote working
        • Ability to stay on task, increase productivity, and effortlessly collaborate remotely


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Interruptions can be introductions to new skills, ideas, and paths forward. This time of crisis can become an opportunity to prepare, equip, and empower people to face the new world ahead.