Ryan delivers the Millennial training the next generation craves and the leadership development they need.

Did you know? Less than half of Millennials report having a training opportunity in the past year that helps them do their jobs better. Yet 87 percent of Millennials view development opportunities as a top factor for accepting and staying at a job.
We are here to help.

Online / Interactive Training

Ryan is a partner of 21mill, a training company dedicated to helping Millennials and Generation Z perform better at work. With a diverse course catalogue of activity based trainings, Ryan’s team can work directly with professionals from all generations both virtually and in a classroom environment. Be it a 2-day Millennial Boot Camp, a Working Across Generations Training, or long term leadership training, Ryan’s training partners can do it all.

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Coaching / Mentoring

Millennials are twice as likely to stay with their employer for more than five years when they have a coach aiding in their development. Ryan’s partners specialize in working with Millennial and Generation Z professionals in both on-site and virtual coaching environments. 63% of Millennials say their leadership skills are not being fully developed. Coaching solidifies the development Millennials seek and ensures they remain loyal to their employer.

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Consulting / Assesments

Gallup recently determined that only 29% of Millennials are engaged in their jobs resulting
in high turnover costs and poor output. Ryan’s team uses innovative tools to measure employee
engagement in the workplace. By conducting 360 analysis, compiling online assessments
or working directly with management, Ryan’s team is able to collect and report on
crucial data that will help improve Millennial and Generation Z
engagement, enhance productivity, and increase retention.

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