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The leading voice on Millennials, Generation Z, and working across generations.

Ryan Jenkins CSP is a Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker (virtual and in-person), generations expert, and Inc & Entrepreneur Magazine columnist.

Ryan’s clients benefit from relevant, clear, and proven solutions to manage, engage, and market to the emerging generations, as well as lead and work across all generations. Audiences enjoy his engaging, humorous, and informative presentations. Meeting planners appreciate how easy it is to work with Ryan and how he consistently delivers on the client’s specific needs.

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Ryan’s Most Requested In-Person & Virtual Programs

Lead & Work Across Generations

Turn a multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.

The generational gap at work has never been more daunting.

Ryan brings market leading insight to help your organization and leaders close the generational gap and improve communication, teamwork, innovation, and more.


Attract, Lead, & Retain Millennials & Generation Z

Optimize the largest and fastest-growing generation in the workforce.

Successfully attract and influence Millennials and Gen Z.

Ryan equips leaders and managers with proven and practical strategies to dramatically improve the managing, recruiting, retention, and engagement of Millennials and Generation Z.


Understand & Engage Generation Z

Effectively employ or educate the post-Millennial generation.

Meet the generation that's never been offline.

Ryan prepares employers and educators with the innovative insights needed to effectively connect with and engage Generation Z.


Lessen Loneliness & Boost Belonging

Improve the wellbeing and wellness across generations at work.

Workers (especially Gen Z) are lonelier than ever and it's impacting performance.

The increase in remote working, the growing importance of inclusion, and the need for better wellbeing at work are all reasons to understand and address loneliness at work.


Diversity & Inclusion

Improve performance through generational diversity and inclusive leadership.

Like-minded teams maintain; diverse teams innovate.

Ryan shares how to be an inclusive leader and how to create an inclusive company culture across generations.


The Future of Work

Solutions for working, leading, and competing in the future.

The new age of work requires a new age of leading and working.

Ryan delivers innovative insights into what’s next for work and how organizations and professionals can find sustainable success in a disruptive world.


Marketing & Selling to Millennials & Gen Z

Earn the attention, trust, and business of the next generation of consumers.

A new generation of consumers mandates a new approach to marketing.

Ryan brings market leading insight into how Millennials and Generation Z consumer behaviors are evolving and how companies can adapt to secure the loyalty and business of the next generation.


Digital Workforce

Strategies to work, collaborate, and lead effectively across remote multigenerational teams.

Keep remote workers unified, productive and engaged

Leading a remote workforce requires a different set of tools to sustain relationships and maintain productivity across a team.



He was FANTASTIC! Knocked it out of the park for us. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a speaker who can quickly engage the audience, keep them engaged and deliver meaningful content.

Juanita M. Basini

Juanita M. Basini
Chief Human Resource Officer at Kids II

He took the time to understand the audience and tailor his presentation to our group of insurance CFO’s. He was the highest rated speaker at the event — very knowledgeable, charismatic and energetic. He is easy to work with and I would highly recommend him for future presentations.

Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams
Principal and Johnson Lambert LLP

A creative, interactive and factual presentation. We were energized and inspired after hearing Ryan speak. We would absolutely have him back to speak in the future.

Katie Lang Stone

Katie Lang Stone
EVP, Fallon Benefits Group

His knowledge of the millennial workforce is impeccable.

Natasia Langfelder

Natasia Langfelder
Conference Producer, Worldwide Business Research (WBR)

Ryan is a creative and forward thinking speaker on generational differences. He blew me away. I highly recommend Ryan to any organization.

Mark Morris

Mark Morris
Dir. of Talent Acquisition and Development, Lanier Parking Solutions

Ryan was the best speaker I’ve heard on Millennials in the workplace. He has a great way of discussing it in a way to make you see how we need all generations to work together, each bringing our strengths.

Brandy Vannoy

Brandy Vannoy
Tax Partner, Johnson & Lambert Co.

Ryan gave a very strong presentation. I would highly recommend Ryan as a very engaging, informative and entertaining speaker.

Stephen M. Tardella

Stephen M. Tardella
President & CEO, Tardella Foods Inc.

He is a true expert on Millennials and Generation Z. I highly recommend Ryan for your next generational focused event!

Erin Bruce

Erin Bruce, GCDF
Career Coach and Professional Development Event Specialist