Keynote Topic:

Training Millennials & Generation Z

The Problem:

71% of the emerging generation who are likely to leave an organization in two years are dissatisfied with their professional development.

The Solution

Because Millennials and Generation Z grew up with ubiquitous connectivity and evolving mobile technology, they think and act differently. They approach the world fundamentally differently thus they require an evolved learning approach inside the workplace and/or classroom.

Ryan shares how Millennials and Generation Z are reshaping training and how organizations can enhance employee development, engagement, and retention through transformative learning and development experiences.

Attendees Gain

  • Insights into Millennial and Generation Z learning behaviors and expectations
  • Perspectives of how each generation approaches education and learning
  • Strategies that are proven and actionable to engage and transform Millennial and Generation Z learners
  • Techniques for training or educating Millennials and Generation Z
  • Best-in-class examples of organizations successfully training Millennials and Generation Z
  • Ability to engage, train, and develop Millennial and Generation Z learners

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, a half/full-day workshop, or virtually.

"Ryan provided an energetic and thought provoking keynote at the Training Industry Conference and Expo. The feedback from our audience was very positive, and he managed to effectively relate his content and points of view with the interests of our audience. He was a great add to our event!"

~Ken Taylor, Training Industry Inc.