KeyNote Topic:

The Future of Work

Innovative Solutions for Working, Leading, and Connecting in the Future

Connection is the most valuable workplace currency of the future. This session will teach you how to harness better human connection for improved well-being and collaboration across teams (whether in-person, remote, or hybrid). And spoiler alert...the fast-growing generation in the workforce over the next decade (Gen Z) is demanding more human elements at work.

By 2027, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials and Generation Z. As next-generation employees, technology usher in a new age of work, the ways of working and leading in the past become liabilities. The new age of work requires a new age of leading and working.

Leaders should point their people to a better future. But identifying "better" is difficult, especially in today's fast-evolving marketplace. Every industry and organization has shared assumptions that fuel the prevailing model of how things have always been done. Now more than ever, the prevailing model causes leaders to get complacent, industries to get stuck, and companies to go under. Leaders must find new innovative ways to lead in order to guard against disruption and thrive in the 21st-century workplace.

Ryan shares how to unbound yourself from the assumptions and prevailing models that are likely holding your organization back. This program covers the emerging trends that are impacting the future of work and how leaders and organizations can adjust to capitalize on the trends.

Attendees Gain

  • Insights into trends shaping the future and why connection is the future of work
  • Perspectives of how employee behaviors and expectations are evolving
  • Strategies for leaders to remain relevant and increase influence in tomorrow’s workplace
  • An awareness of the new science and the significance of connection
  • Frameworks for understanding and positioning for what’s next in the new world of work
  • Best-in-class examples of organizations adapting to future workplace trends
  • Confidence to work, lead, and conenct in the future

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, a half/full-day workshop, or virtually.


Work with the expert who literally wrote the book on how to create a unified and thriving team in the new era of work.

"He was FANTASTIC! Knocked it out of the park for us. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a speaker who can quickly engage the audience, keep them engaged and deliver meaningful content.”
~Juanita M. Basini, Chief Human Resource Officer at Kids II.
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