Keynote Topic:

Next Generation Development

The Problem:

Sixty-three percent of the emerging generation believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed; and yet the #1 most important driver for the next generation to evaluate job opportunities is the ability to progress and take on leadership roles.

Ryan Giving a Keynote

The Solution

The primary factor contributing to the decline of Millennial and Generation Z loyalty is the next generation belief that businesses are not doing enough to bridge the gap to ensure a new generation of business leaders is created. Millennials and Generation Z feel underutilized and believe they’re not being developed as leaders. To engage and retain the next generation of leaders, organizations must discover how Millennials and Generation Z learn and deliver the development they need and desire.

Ryan will take you through proven strategies for growing Millennials and Generation Z into 21st Century-ready leaders.

Audience Outcomes

  • Gain extreme clarity around who are the Millennials and/or Generation Z.
  • Explanation of how Millennials and/or Generation Z prefer to learn.
  • Learn the top shortcomings of Millennials and/or Generation Z and how they can overcome them.
  • Practical to-dos to effectively develop Millennials and/or Generation Z into future leaders.
  • Relevant examples of organizations developing Millennials and/or Generation Z well
  • Inspiring story about how to manage change successfully.