Keynote Topic:

Next Generation Collaboration

The Problem:

For the first time in history there are five generations in the workplace, each with a varying perspective of work, leadership, and communication. However, it’s the emerging generations (Millennials and Generation Z) that are causing the most tension in the workplace.

Ryan Giving a Keynote

The Solution

A generationally diverse workforce is better equipped to respond to today’s high-flux and disruption-prone marketplace. Since Millennials and Generation Z became a majority of the labor force, generational differences have never been wider as each generation has a varying perspective of work, leadership, technology, and selling/buying. In fact, 52% of workers say they are least likely to get along with someone from another generation. Those that learn to lead and engage the emerging generations (and across generations), will gain the necessary competitive advantage in today’s exponential and fast changing times.

Audience Outcomes

  • Gain extreme clarity around who are the Millennials and Generation Z.
  • Understand each generation’s perspective of leadership, communication & work.
  • 2-4 keys to engaging a multigenerational workforce.
  • 3-6 proven strategies to attract and retain top Millennial and Generation Z talent.
  • Discover the silver bullet sure to engage any multi-generational team.
  • Relevant examples of organizations successfully engaging generations.
  • Inspiring story about how to manage change successfully.