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Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams From Isolated to All In

Based on the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Connectable by Ryan Jenkins.

Learn everything you need to know to strengthen team connections in an often lonely and disconnected world.

A colossal 72% of global workers feel lonely at least monthly; with 55% saying at least weekly.

Today’s workers are lonelier than ever before resulting in a disengaged, disloyal, and disenchanted workforce. The increase in remote working, the growing importance of inclusion, and the need for better well being at work are all reasons to understand and address loneliness at work.

As the author of the world's first book to address workplace loneliness, Ryan uncovers the modern causes of loneliness, the crucial role inclusion plays in solving it, and strategies organizations can use to reduce loneliness among their team. The result is a more connected organization with improved engagement, wellbeing, and performance at work.

Attendees Gain

  • Insights into today's modern causes of loneliness
  • Understanding of the science and significance of inclusion
  • Techniques to identify loneliness in oneself or others
  • Strategies to decrease loneliness and increase belonging, engagement, and performance at work
  • Best in class examples of organizations that have decreased loneliness and increased belonging
  • Ability to create deep connections and unify a multi-generational team

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, a half/full-day workshop, or virtually.


Work with the expert who literally wrote the book on how to lessen loneliness and boost belonging at work.

"Ryan’s energy, organization, passion, and knowledge in his virtual presentation was incredible. It’s an important time to talk about loneliness and belonging in the workplace for all generations. Rock star!"
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