KeyNote Topic:

Digital Workforce

Strategies to Connect, Work, and Lead Effectively Across Remote (and Hybrid) Teams

Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology, shifting generational expectations, and life events like the COVID-19 pandemic have all swiftly contributed to the growing number of people working from home.

Leading a remote workforce requires a different set of tools to sustain relationships and maintain productivity across a team. Learn the tactics and tools for organizations and leaders to boost engagement, create unity, and extend company culture among a remote workforce.

Attendees Gain

  • Insights into trends shaping the future of work
  • Techniques to extend company culture to remote workers
  • Tactics and tools for effectively connecting, working and leading remotely
  • Scoring on how connected their teams are based on the Team Connection Assessment™
  • Ability to keep remote workers connected, productive and engaged

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, a half/full-day workshop, or virtually.


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