Keynote Topic:

Next Generation Selling

The Problem:

Because of their hyper-connected and high-tech upbringing, Millennials approach the buying process differently than previous generations.

Ryan Giving a Keynote

The Solution

Mobile communications and the social web have forever changed the customer expectations of the Millennial generation. As more and more Millennials move into decision making roles, it becomes critical that organizations learn how to effectively connect and sell to this emerging demographic.

Audience Outcomes

  • Gain extreme clarity around who are the Millennials.
  • Learn the powerful why behind selling to Millennials.
  • How to effectively communicate with Millennials.
  • Key Millennial selling strategies any salesperson can leverage.
  • Practical to-dos to strategically position your brand or service with Millennials.
  • Relevant examples of organizations successfully engaging Millennials.
  • Inspiring story about how to manage change successfully.