Keynote Topic:

Next Generation Engagement

The Problem:

One of the greatest talent challenges currently facing employers is engaging the Millennial generation, who recently became the largest share of the U.S. labor market. The absence of Millennial loyalty and engagement, represents a serious threat to the longevity of any business.

Ryan Giving a Keynote

The Solution

A war on talent has begun as 80 million Millennials continue to pour into the workplace. Organizations must battle competitors and the entrepreneurial ambition of Millennials to attract today’s top talent. Due to technology and a challenging economy, Millennials have developed a unique view of career and success at work. Engaging Millennials will help organizations avoid the $25,000 average cost to replace a single Millennial employee and build a strong bench of future leaders.

Audience Outcomes

  • Gain extreme clarity around who are the Millennials.
  • Aspects of work culture that effectively attract and engage Millennials.
  • Learn the #1 reason Millennials leave a company.
  • 3-6 proven strategies to attract and retain top Millennial talent.
  • Relevant examples of organizations successfully engaging Millennials.
  • Inspiring story about how to manage change successfully.