Next Generation Catalyst Podcast with Erica Dhawan



The Next Generation Catalyst Podcast episode #007!

Next Generation Catalyst Podcast with Erica Dhawan

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Episode Overview
In this episode of the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast, nationally recognized writer and innovation consultant, Erica Dhawan, busts today’s Millennial myths, discusses the power of Connectional Intelligence and what’s next for innovation.

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Episode Takeaways
  • Hear Erica’s inspiring story.
  • Why Erica is optimistic about the Millennial (Generation Y) generation.
  • Erica debunks a few Millennial myths.
  • Learn what is Connectional Intelligence and how you can leverage it for effective innovation.
  • Inspiring and thought provoking examples of Connectional Intelligence.
  • Learn how you can incorporate more Connectional Intelligence into your daily life.
  • Which upcoming industries are ripe for innovation.
  • What current tool is a catalyst in Erica’s business.

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How can you infuse more Connectional Intelligence into your work?

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